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Compensated sealants and prostheses for children

Vilniaus-TLKThe specialists at “Odonteja” pay special attention to children’s temporary and permanent teeth treatment and believe that any preventive measures are better than treatment. We have a signed agreement with Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund which gives opportunity to patients from 6 up to 14 years old get free sealants.

According to Lithuanian and international dentists’ recommendations the best and most effective preventive measure from cavities is the covering of pits and fissures with sealants. They seal the dental anatomical fissures and pits and prevent the development of caries in these areas. The sealant acts as a barrier between the tooth and harmful factors in the mouth cavity (bacteria and the acids produced by these bacteria). Sealants have to be applied on healthy teeth preferably on recently erupted teeth.

The permanent molar teeth start to erupt at 6 years of age and the clinic “Odonteja” offers the younger patients this procedure for free as it is compensated by the Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund. We invite children from 6 to 14 years to come and protect their teeth for FREE! Dear parents, please don’t miss the opportunity to take care of your children’s teeth for free. It will save you time, money and stress if you take care of it now.

free sealants

Compensated dental prostheses for children

We also inform you about the possibility for children younger than 18 years old to get a compensation for prostheses at clinics that have an agreement with the Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund.

Children under age of 18 but already have damaged teeth that are not indicated to be treated with fillings have the possibility to restore these teeth using the Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund’s compensation for prostheses. In such cases it is best to do individual crowns because the jaw is still growing and it wouldn’t be good to fix it with strong bridge prostheses. It is best to restore the tooth with onlays, veneers, zirconia, non-metal or metal ceramic crowns or crowns made in the cad/cam method. Also cast metal post and core can be made if necessary.

We invite you to visit “Odonteja” and use the children’s compensation for prostheses.

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