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Dental clinic “Odontėja”

…come relax and enjoy having your smile taken care of – carefully and painlessly… Yes this is about dental treatment!

The specialists at “Odonteja” seek to change your mind and prove to you that dental treatment can be not only of high quality but also pleasant and relaxing.

Our professional and friendly team will take care of your and your family members’ teeth from the eruption of the first tooth to helping you when you lose them as we have dental specialists of all kinds working in our clinic. We offer treatment of children’s teeth, root canal therapy, fillings, aesthetic fillings, replacement of damaged crowns with zirconia or metal ceramic crowns as well as prosthesis with all-ceramic crowns or veneers. In the case of tooth loss we offer Swiss or other high quality implants. We also teach our patients individual and offer professional dental hygiene treatment.

Smile, and the world will smile back… Your smile is our top priority!

We look forward to seeing you in our clinic!


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A simple thing saved her from terrible fear of the dentist
Many people in Lithuania and in the whole world are afraid of the dentist. Some are afraid of the pain, others – of the idea of possible pain, the sound of a dental drill. Either way out of all medics dentists probably cause the biggest unexplained fear. [LT]


  • With all due respect, I want to thank doctor Irma Šorienė at the clinic “Odontėja” for a professional and high quality front tooth restoration with aesthetic filling and for the sincere communication and tips. Also, the space is well thought out, comfortable and clean, which puts the patient in a good mood.

    A grateful patient Bronius
  • Very pleased with the service here, relaxed professional and courteous. Thank You! ( Labai patenkintas aptarnavimu čia, atpalaiduojantis, profesionalus ir mandagus, Ačiū!)

    Tim Bakker 2016 09 26
  • Great experiance getting my dental treatment done here! Good clinical skills, latest equipment and painless! Glad to have discovered this dental clinic. All the best! (Puiki patirtis gydant dantis čia! Geri klinikiniai įgūdžiai, naujausia įranga ir be skausmo! Džiaugiuosi atradęs šią odontologijos kliniką).

    Roberto M.Wolnowicz
  • Wonderful oral surgeon with magic hands Aurimas Sudeikis! Good luck with your work!

    Žydrė Ambrozė
  • Not dentists, but magicians! Thank you!

  • Hello! I am very pleased with your dental clinic. Thank you to all of the team for the sincerity, kindness and professionalism. A smile on my face reflects my gratitude. Thank you!

  • I am unbelievably happy to have found “Odontėja” completely by accident. I visited the clinic after giving birth to my first child and while being pregnant with my second – all the health problems were treated professionally, efficiently, thoroughly and carefully. I am very thankful for that and have no worries each time. Best of luck!

  • Not a dentist, but Michelangelo! I came with none and came out with beautiful teeth, it’s hard to believe! Thank you!!

  • I was impressed, I felt in very reliable hands. It shows the experience and professionalism of a person. Thank you very much for the kindness and sincerity of Irma, her dedication to work. Continue to surprise us. Thank you!

    Dalius Ginaitis. 2017 05 08
  • We are delighted to have discovered “Odonteja” a few years ago. We thank dentist Irma Šorienė and oral hygienist Jolanta Ruzgienė for their meticulous work, good advice and a renewed desire to smile. Best of luck to the wonderful team at “Odonteja”, and we will continue to visit you in the future. When we come to the clinic we are always greeted and seen off with a smile.

    Good luck to you all!

    Valerija Šečkuvienė ir Laima Šečkutė
  • I come to the doctor I. Šorienė with joy! Deimantas is eagerly waiting for the appointments! Thanks for the great emotions!

  • After opening the door to “Odonteja” we were greeted by the kind smile of Gabriele, which set a great mood for the visit, since I came to oral hygienist Jolanta (and such appointments aren’t always the most pleasant). But the smile of Jolanta (event more sincere) helped a lot (painless treatment).

    Best of luck to the wonderful team at “Odonteja”.

    Aldona Urbanavičienė
    A patient
  • Our whole family visits dentist Irma. She treats our teeth with care, thoroughly and aesthetically pleasing. My six-year-old son really enjoyed the visit, who from the first time was not afraid of going to the dentist, because he liked it there, it did not hurt and like his mom he trusted the doctor :)))

    Thank you Irma for the good work, attention and improved smiles!

    A patient
  • I recommend doctor Irma Šorienė as a good specialist. Besides the clinic is very cosy, pleasant communication and smiles 🙂

    Asta Kačeniauskienė
    A patient
  • Excellent clinic. Sincere and professional team, everything is very good. Would recommend to everyone. 🙂

    Beatričė Laurinkutė-Kijevicienė
    A patient
  • Excellent clinic. Sincere and professional team, everything is very good. Would recommend to everyone. 🙂

    Kęstutis Kemeris
    A patient
  • This doctor is just perfect! (Andrius Talijūnas)

    Loreta Dainytė
  • Doctor Irma Šorienė is worth a million! I found my dentist!

    YANA from the Netherlands
  • Best of luck to Irma Šorienė in her work and personal life. She is wonderful as a doctor and as a person.

    2017 09 25 Povilas ir Rapolas

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