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Aesthetic dental fillings

estetinis plombavimas rezultatasAn aesthetic filling procedure restores the tooth in a way that it obtains its natural appearance – form, colour, gloss, translucency.

For this certified filling materials are used that are strong and have a great grip with the tooth and a wide range of shades. Beautiful teeth and a wide smile give self-confidence and multiple merits in personal and professional life as it is more pleasant to talk to a smiling person.




When can aesthetic teeth filling be applied?

Aesthetic teeth filling can be used to:

  • replace old darkened fillings;
  • treat new caries in the teeth;
  • restore the crumbled edges of worn down teeth;
  • fix discoloured yellow teeth;
  • get rid of small tooth gaps;
  • straighten somewhat crooked teeth.

Aesthetic teeth fillings are used less often for bigger dental defects (for example when the whole surface of a front tooth has to be covered or half and more of a molar tooth needs to be restored) considerable correction of tooth shape or position since even the strength of the most modern filling is not enough to restore a large defect. In such cases aesthetic dental defects are treated with veneers, inlays, onlays or crowns. Still if the defect is small the filling is strong enough as healthy dental tissues add some strength as well.

The procedure of aesthetic filling

First the dentist evaluates the condition of the patient’s oral and dental tissues. Most times before an aesthetic filling a professional oral hygiene is done: dental plaque and pigments are removed the surfaces of the teeth are polished. Sometimes the teeth are also whitened.

Then it’s time for the aesthetic teeth filling. The dentist chooses a filling material according to colour, the treated cavity and the surface. The filling is done layer after layer while the desired tooth shape and transparency are achieved. During one visit four to six teeth can be treated. In order for the teeth to look impeccable after the procedure and stay like that the work of the dentist has to be very meticulous.

Aesthetic fillings – not just an aesthetic procedure

Firstly the cavities are treated, the teeth stop decaying. Applying the filling one layer at a time, the teeth become less sensitive. Secondly very durable fillings are inserted meaning that the results of this procedure are long lasting – 10 or more years if the person thoroughly takes care of his oral hygiene and periodically visits the dentist.

It is worth reminding that composite fillings accumulate more plaque than natural teeth. In addition with the passage of time they start to shrink a bit and splits may develop. Therefore it is advisable to periodically visit the oral hygienist – during the oral hygiene procedure, the fillings are checked and cleaned.

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Here you can compare how the teeth look after getting aesthetic fillings by “Odonteja” specialists.

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