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Compensated prostheses for seniors

Dental clinic “Odontėja“ wishes to take care of the whole family’s oral health and smiles that’s why our partner Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund offers a compensation for seniors’ dental prostheses.

When the patient reaches the retirement age and his turn to get a compensation for dental prostheses he can seek for the services at our dental clinic “Odonteja” that has an agreement with the Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund (HIF). The person has to come to the clinic with two letters from HIF that confirm the right to get compensated dental treatment. Before getting prostheses the teeth need to be fully repaired and prepared for the restoration.

Having gotten the second letter a patient needs to refer to the chosen clinic a list of which is enclosed within three months from getting the letter or one’s turn will be annulled. However if the patient wants there is a possibility to push his turn back for a later time. He then has to refer to the Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund with a motivated application. The compensation is the same for all patients so if the procedures exceed the compensated sum it has to be paid by the patient himself.

Come to “Odonteja” to use the seniors prostheses compensation

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