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Professional oral hygiene – calculus removal

We all know how important it is to brush our teeth. But surely not everyone thoroughly cleans the food residue from the teeth everyday. Poor oral hygiene causes many problems – cavities, gum inflammation, bone loss, tooth mobility and marginal periodontitis which causes the teeth to become mobile and might result in losing them. In case of bone loss the implantation procedures become complicated since there is not enough bone to hold the implants in place.

If one’s oral hygiene is insufficient i.e. the soft plaque is not removed from all dental surfaces with time it hardens and is then called calculus which cannot be removed with a toothbrush at home. Dental calculus accumulate plaque so if they are not removed they continue to grow. Such places are perfect for bacteria – it is warm, humid and there is a lot of food. If the problem isn’t solved a gum inflammation might start which the first symptom is bleeding. The patient might not be bothered by these symptoms but if the inflammation is not treated it can progress into bone and tooth loss. That’s why the removal of calculus and professional oral hygiene is the first aid in case of gum inflammation and the main preventive measure for such diseases. Our specialists at “Odonteja” recommend getting it done every half a year or as told otherwise by our doctors.

Tooth polishing

The final step of a professional oral hygiene procedure is the air-flow polishing or polishing with paste and a toothbrush during which calculus rests, coffee, tea or nicotine plaque are removed with a stream of air, water and sodium bicarbonate. Usually with ultrasonic scalers or manual instruments not all of the calculus is removed. However the air-flow method – is a painless way to achieve a shining natural smile. This step of polishing the teeth is pretty important because makes it easier to keep the teeth clean and it is harder for plaque to accumulate on a smooth surface.

Personal Oral Hygiene Instructions

Our specialists agree that preservation of healthy teeth and prophylactics should be the main accent in modern dentistry therefore special attention is given to teaching the patients proper personal oral hygiene. It is very important to clean all five surfaces of the tooth with both a regular toothbrush and interdental toothbrushes as well as floss.

During the oral hygiene procedure our specialist who has years of experience in treating difficult periodontal cases the conservative way without surgery teaches the patient proper tooth brushing methods and points out the mistakes. She also chooses the right interdental toothbrushes which come in different sizes, shows how to use an end tuft brush and gives advice on which products to use.

The professionals at “Odontėja” believe that it is much easier and cheaper to maintain your teeth rather than to rebuild them. That’s why we invite our patients for check-ups every 6 months.

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